Web application Security Solution

Why Web Application Security?

Over 75% of attacks against web servers enter at the application, not the network level. It's means that your application got more attack than your network.
At the same time, these web application attacks are becoming more sophisticated and financially motivated. Yet, many companies still rely on annual vulnerability assessments to cover frequently changing web applications.

What we do?

KAPDA is a leading provider of web application security services. KAPDA develops comprehensive, easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions that enable companies to secure valuable customer data, and maintain customer confidence.

KAPDA's Solution

KAPDA's security solution is the industry's first continuous vulnerability assessment and management service for web applications. It is the only solution in the market today that provides timely, comprehensive and verified vulnerability information for websites. KAPDA's security solution combines proprietary scanning technology with custom testing by security experts, enabling companies to identify, manage and remediate all web application vulnerabilities.
The service provides:
  - Continuous website vulnerability assessment and management
  - Comprehensive coverage of all website vulnerabilities, both technical and logical
  - Verification of discovered vulnerabilities, virtually eliminating false positives

Experienced Security Team

KAPDA has a team of experts who have performed thousands of web application security assessments. Our team has security reports at companies such as Securityfocus, Secunia, Cert. Most of KAPDA's team security reports come with security solution for vendors (see page Advisories).